Public Presentation Prep

Public Presentation Prep

You have all seen it. You attend a lecture or public presentation and the speaker has so much information on the PowerPoint slide it looks like the last small line no one can read at the eye doctor’s office. The speaker then says, “I know you can’t read this,” and then proceeds to turn toward the screen, away from the audience, and read every slide verbatim.

I learned long ago about the storyboarding technique to give speakers a way to present information in a flexible way (without memorization) and using slides as memory cues. An example of my using storyboarding is in my Tedx Talk, Harrisburg (2016). I can work one-on-one with you to identify the key concepts of your presentation, identify the appropriate slides (if any), and after you practice your speech, I recommend a face-to-face session via Facetime, Skype, What’s App or Zoom for me to watch your presentation, followed by a detailed, written summary of my observations and suggestions for improvement.

Suggested 2 to 3 hours.

Price: $175*

*See Pricing Page for more detailed information.

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